Commitment to Safety

An Ongoing Focus to be
Incident Free

We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and protection of our assets, communities and the environment. All work carries risks; however, we identify and mitigate our risks by consistently training our workforce to instill practices and procedures that promote an ongoing safe environment. We are committed to achieving zero severe process safety incidents. We value safety above all else and these sentiments have been effectively communicated to every member of the organization and has thus become our culture for performance.

Our Culture of Clear &
Consistent Communication

We at SRA help build team capabilities in thinking, conversing and performing their daily work initiatives that foster an Incident and Injury-free performance. This total form of communication between all employees with their peers, their managers and our partners has created an honest and open culture of safety. As a result of the positive safety culture the quality and productivity at our organization has tremendously risen and a strong bond between all stakeholders has been created.

Beyond Compliance

The following approved PPE must be worn on this site at all times.

Health & safety

Commitment to comply with Health and Safety (OHSA) is our ongoing practice to protect the workers’ safety and achieve zero fatalities at sites.

And above all we take serious commitment in keeping our drivers and operators well-trained in to adhering Road Transport Regulations.